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Winch bumper

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Anyone have any idea if or when a bolt on Winch bumper will be available. I picked up my 700 today and from what little i played on it today, I love it. I live in SW Louisiana and was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. Got to the dealership to "look" at one, as the waiting list is long, with the next 15 vehicles spoken for. The only unit there was a 700-2 camo. The intended buyer backed out while i was there and I talked them into selling it to me on the spot!!

Only thing I really have to have is a winch, but the stock mount will do no good as its to low for the rice fields and swamp down here. Hopefully someone will come out with a bumper/top winch mount pretty quickly!

Looking a KFI 4500 synthetic or Promark 4000 synthetic...thoughts???
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welcome to the forum !!!!!
don't know about the aftermarket bumpers but getting someone to build (or yourself? ) one shouldn't be too bad ..... how much are you looking to raise it up ?
Level with the headlights. Dan has a nice setup, I would like to have setup like he has out of aluminum..
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Welcome to the forum. I think something like your wanting is going to be a "custom" built job. Most of the aftermarket bumpers I have seen (for all the machines) are just a bolt over and wouldn't help with the winch mounting.

Another option would be mounting a winch on a receiver plate. Then you could use it on the front or rear and it could just ride in the cargo area until needed.
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Welcome to the forum!!! I am thinking about building my own bumper when i get mine. Only thing i think will be a problem is weight, will have to find some thin plate.
I also like the higher set up. I'm thinking the lower Honda install is going to get packed in snow and for some of you others, mud/water.
EMP makes several models if winch bumpers for SXS. I bet they will be the first to make one commercially.
a setup like mine in aluminum would be nice
Do you know how much yours weight and how much weight might be saved with one in aluminum?
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