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ok so I seen where a couple ppl were going to install a wireless setup on your winch. so I finished mine today. and I always like keeping the spare extra plug. my seleniod box has has red. 12+. black 12-(ground). yellow and blue. in and out. then I have the actuating connections which happens to be green and black. yours maybe different colors. so first thing I did was wound my winch off just a lil just incase the wires are backwards. then I took some 14 gauge speaker wire and put 2 male 1/4" flat connectors on each wire. then I stripped back the other side and wound the 2 wires together. and placed a female 1/4" connector, I made 2 of these 1 for in and 1 for out. this allows me to have wireless or plug remote. then i put a female connector on the yellow wire on the wireless box and the white wire also. i connected the red wire to the red wire on my solenoid. 12+. then connected my black wire from the remote to the ground or 12-. then i plugged in 1 wire either yellow or white to one side of the actuating wire which was my small black connection. i did one because the instructions doesn't tell you which is out and i forgot which one it is lol. you hit a button on the remote if it doesn't work you hit the other button it should move the winch. take note of which way your winch goes and which button your pressing. if the winch moves opposite of which button you've pressed then your wire is on the opposite prong just swap and finish connecting all the connections. note::: my pics may be a lil out of order

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