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Wiring for dummies?

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OK.....I'll be receiving my 2-P in a couple weeks. I want to add a few items that will require wiring. That's the extent of my knowledge on wiring. I am a complete novice.

In my head, I want all accessories to only work when the machine's switch is turned on. Again, in my head, it would seem like there should be a way to mount some type of auxiliary post off say....the headlights (assuming they only work with the machine in the "on" position) to attach the wiring for all of my accessories.

Does such a thing exist? Is that a bad idea?

Remember who you're dealing with! (see thread title!)
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The accessory socket (cig lighter) is a good place to tap for power that will be switched to the ignition.
Is there a way to tap into that........with everything?

I'm sorry if these are simple questions (to you). To me, they're not! :)
Depends what everything is DB. If you have something like a winch, no you can't power that with the wire tap, but you can use it to be the accessory power for your switch.
I've got a buddy who'll do the winch wiring for me (in total).

I'm talking about aux. lights and such.
Running LED lights off of that should be fine. As long as your not doing 10-20 of them. :)
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Yes. I find that AS useful as a Chinese treasure map.

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You can tap off the power off the cig lighter to anything all you need is a contant seleniod so when the key is turned on it will actuate the seleniod which 1 end should be connected to your batterry with ample size wire like some 4 gauge and then you can tap into the back with everything else you want to run with the key on
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